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Turok Evolution Game - is an evolution of the previous games of Turok serial. The story started from The Saquin Indian who's lost in the dark of island, where the time has no meaning in the late 19th century, around the time of the Indian Wars. He is rescued by the seer Tarkeene that says he is the legendary Son of Stone, known to them as Turok. After being rescued, Tal'Set is sent to eradicate the jungles around the River Village of the Slegs, a race of sentient, humanoid reptiles. He then meets Tarkeene again and he tells Tal'Set that he must complete his mission of defending the Lost Lands, but he refuses and leaves to rescue the Wise Father from a Sleg fortress, since the Sleg's forces that were sent ahead in the jungle were a distraction to leave the River Village undefended

System Requirements for Turok Evolution Game:

OS Supports : Windows98 or better
128MB GeForce 3 series/ATI Radeon HD series
2x DVD-/+ Drive

Here's the screensots of Game Turok Evolution:

You can download Turok Evolution games for free by visiting the following links below:
Password:- raja


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